When E-PAS (Electrically Power Assisted Steering) was introduced by vehicle manufacturers in the late 90’s, who would have known that we were at the start of such a huge steering revolution, that would eventually see all major OE manufacturers following suit over the next decade.

Yet surprisingly, in 2012, an industry survey was conducted, to establish who the garage technician would contact, in order to purchase any E-PAS steering requirements. The response was staggering, that 93% of garage technicians would still contact the main dealer for this product group.

This is becoming an age where the term ‘hybrid’ is common place and where vehicles are much more reliant upon the efficiencies of electrically powered and controlled systems.

Electrically power assisted steering can be installed to a vehicle in 3 different formats.

  • Steering Rack – with a Motor, Steering Sensor and ECU
  • Steering Column – with a Motor, Steering Sensor and ECU
  • Electro – Hydraulic Steering Pump – Electric Motor and Hydraulic Pump / Reservoir

E-PAS Steering systems are present in many vehicles throughout the world and are increasing dramatically in Europe, with an estimated 91% of new Small to Medium vehicles already using one of the 3 formats listed above.

E-PAS Steering systems detect precisely when assistance is required and to what extent help is needed to aid the driver in controlling the direction of the vehicle. When the system receives a signal to perform, a series of instructions travel via the ECU and the CAN bus system to inform the steering product to work. The steering components will only perform when they receive signals that the driver is trying to perform a manoeuvre, else they sit in wait of the driver’s instruction.

Such systems improve fuel efficiency and reduce the long term ‘footprint’ a given vehicle may have upon the environment.

E-PAS benefits include-

  • Reduced fuel consumption: Vehicles with E-PAS steering systems are typically 8% more fuel efficient than an equivalent vehicle fitted with a hydraulic steering system. An E-PAS system doesn’t require a steering pump that is belt driven by the engine, thus reducing added strain to the engine and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Reduction in harmful exhaust fumes. A reduction in CO2 emissions can is some cases also provide a reduction in road tax costings.
  • A significant reduction in vehicle assembly time. A typical E-PAS installation would be between 40 minutes to 2 hours. This is due to the elimination of hydraulic hoses, pumps, reservoirs and associated fluids.
  • No contaminated fluids and a cleaner working environment.

In order to realise the long lasting environmental benefits of Electrically Power Assisted Steering installed by automotive manufacturers, it is important to remanufacture this technology in the aftermarket to the highest standards required by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

All E-PAS remanufactured products are produced working to OE standards, whether it is the components installed, the programming of the ECU (Control Unit), the overall finish of the product,- all are equally important.

Every E-PAS remanufactured product will endure a test simulation prior to packaging and distribution. The simulation will provide a communication with the specific ECU information associated to the product being tested. The product will be simulated for true road feel and response. The test procedure will simulate speed (0, 40, 60, 100 kph), Braking resistances (varied resistance to provide variety of simulation and true road feel), and where applicable, the simulation would cover ‘City Mode’ and varying ice conditions.

All products are produced to Visual Works Instructions(VWI), that have been provided by the development team prior to full scale production. This VWI is followed 100% of the time, with all known failure components also replaced 100% of the time.

The remanufacturing procedure for this range of E-PAS steering products provides the following benefits

  • Less waste (typically 97% of the steering product is recyclable)
  • All units remanufactured within the UK

This range of E-PAS steering products is supported with installation guides, product training and technical back-up.

The goal is to see a significant reduction in the statistic; that 93% of garage technicians will turn to the dealer for this range of products.

This is an innovative range of products, where the production standards need to be high, the understanding of the product needs to be high, it is vital to know how it communicates and how we can install safely, using suitable diagnostic equipment, for the benefit of our customer.

We are able to provide a high quality, OE Standard Aftermarket Product, one that is trusted by the garage technician for quality and performance of product, availability from stock and supportive installation guidelines.

E-PAS Steering Products are committed to reducing the impact upon the environment and we are determined to remanufacture products to the highest standards that will benefit the next generation of motorists.  Any good practice that can be adopted, that will enhance our efforts to benefit motorists and will benefit the environment in which we live and work, is welcomed.


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