We do..YES. We can offer installation at our factory at a very competitive price, but we are only able to offer this service for products bought from Complete Steering Ltd.

Yes we do…just call our regular sales line 01924 418988 for support and if we cannot offer an immediate solution to your problem, we will contact you back within 1 hour with an answer. We also offer to rent a diagnostic too if it is logistically possible, and we can offer to come to your garage to support installation upon request.

Alternatively, you can also e-mail your request to

There are many options of scanning tool available to the garage mechanic.
The biggest key to successful use of any scanning tool is to make sure that it is regularly upgraded with the latest software available. Certain diagnostic scanners are better for particular vehicle manufacturers than others…. Our preferred choice for European applications are the Texa and Snap-on options, however, there are other great options such as Brain Bee, Dec and Bosch to name a few..
There are some vehicle specific scanning tools such as Renault requires use of the Renault Clip diagnostic and Peugeot uses Planet 2000. This is essential to use the specific tool as you may be required to input a VIN
number and the only way to communicate with the vehicle is through the Manufacturers own diagnostic tool.

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All products supplied by Complete Steering carry a 2 years, unlimited mileage guarantee.

Complete Steering offers installation guides for all EPS products. The guides have been created during our on-car trials, so we know them to be accurate and correct. Please click on the link below that is appropriate for your vehicle and follow the on screen instructions or print out as a PDF document.