Automotive manufacturers recognise the need to lead the way in developing and implementing technologies that have a greater positive impact on our environment.








99% of EPS steering is fully recyclable








91% of new small to medium cars in Europe have EPS steering as standard








Vehicles with EPS steering are typically 8% more fuel efficient than an equivalent vehicle fitted with hydraulic steering


This is becoming an age where the term ‘Hybrid’ is common place and where cars are much more reliant upon the efficiencies of electrically powered and controlled systems.

Electrically Powered Steering, or ‘EPS’ Columns are present in many vehicles throughout the world and are increasing dramatically in the UK.  Complete Steering  is positioned to meet the need of the aftermarket, remanufacturing an existing vehicle’s electric steering unit for resale.

EPS Column systems detect precisely when assistance is required and to what extent help is needed to aid the driver in controlling the direction of a vehicle.  Such systems improve fuel efficiency and reduce the long term ‘footprint’ a given vehicle may have upon our environment.

E-PAS benefits include:

  • Reduced vehicle fuel consumption
  • Reduction in harmful exhaust fumes
  • Significant reduction in vehicle assembly time
  • Elimination of hydraulic hoses, pumps, reservoirs and associated fluids
  • No contaminated fluids as a result of remanufacturing process

In order to realise the long lasting environmental benefits of Electrically Powered Assisted Steering  (E-PAS) installed by automotive manufacturers, it is important to remanufacture this technology in the aftermarket to the highest standards required by Original Equipment Manufacturers  (O.E.M’s).

Complete Steering recycles a defective steering unit, installing new and often improved critical components.  The unit is tested and is then installed in a vehicle.  The benefits of this system include:

  • Less waste
  • Less manufacturing energy required to make completely new units
  • Units remanufactured within the UK and cuts need for international transportation

As a business, Complete Steering’s ethos is environmentally driven.

  • Any remanufacturing waste is sorted prior to recycling by third party specialists i.e. plastic, aluminium, steel etc.
  • Packaging is sourced from recycled materials whether card or plastic
  • Printed paper is not put into a waste paper bin, but is shredded and used for packaging
  • Vehicular distribution is kept to a minimum and is efficient.  We encourage this approach to our clients as it reduces costs and emissions.
  • Our employees are encouraged to vehicle share, or use alternative means of transport where possible.

Complete Steering is committed to reducing its impact upon the environment and is determined to remanufacture products to the highest standards that will benefit the next generation of motorists.  Any good practice that can be adopted, that will enhance our efforts to benefit motorists and will benefit the environment in which we live and work, is welcomed.