EPS Steering explained

Play the video below for a brief explanation of Electric Power Steering

Hydraulic Steering

The technology relating to Hydraulic steering systems is quite simple… the benefit comes from ‘know how’ and quality of rebuild.


It is very easy to offer a budget range of Hydraulic steering products, where a combination of cheap labour and cheap components are used during remanufacture.

At Complete Steering we believe this philosophy to be ‘false economy’- with hydraulic products the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true indeed. Cheap sale cost would indicate low quality seals, bearings and sub-standard workmanship.

Complete Steering use only OE Standard or OE Equivalent Standard seals, branded replacement bearings from reputable companies and boast a remanufacturing team with over 75 years of production experience, knowing intricately the OE working standards of every product in the catalogue.

During production every product is dimensionally checked, cleaned thoroughly and remanufactured, working to strict work instructions and BOM list. Every product is test simulated using our state of the art test equipment. Each product is simulated under load to indicate performance during ‘real-time’ working conditions.

After the product has passed the test, it is then coated in a chassis eggshell black paint, labelled and packaged ready for sale.

Part A 37
Part B 54
Part C 71
Part D 97